Environmental Monitoring


Monitor the ambient temperature of your Resident Hot Water, Food Service Refrigeration/Freezers, Server Room, Office Space, HVAC/R System or other points of interest.  Receive alerts via email when the temperature rises or falls outside your acceptable range. 

Hot Water Temp Monitoring

Ensure no one gets scolded before it ever happens


Freezer Temp Monitoring

Eliminate food born illness and monitor equipment failures


Computer Room Temp Monitoring

Maintain operating temperatures of important data systems.


Moisture/Humidity Detection

Monitor rooms that don't get frequent traffic.


HVAC Monitoring

Maintain temperatures of common areas before complaints come in.

Temperature monitoring systems will record temperatures at configurable intervals (eg, 30 or 60 minutes) to ensure that medications are stored at the appropriate temperature and that other equipment is working properly. This feature is useful in maintaining regulatory compliance, especially when staff members are not available to check and record the unit temperatures consistently.