Emergency Call                                  


Nurse call systems or emergency call systems have been used in hospitals, skilled nursing, and assisted living facilities for many years.  In any environment, the functionality and dependability of the emergency call system is critical to protecting the health of the patient or person. 


New Construction

4Front will design a system

taylored to the way you do buisiness and be your representative during construction and installation.



4Front will replace your existing system with a custom solution seamlessly with no down time.



Integrate multiple systems onto one platform with future expansion in mind.








Emergency call systems standards for the U.S.

UL 1069 "Hospital Signaling and Nurse Call Equipment" - This standard applies to the traditional equipment found in the hospital environment.  More and more, with wireless technologies, these systems also require interoperability and interference reliability testing to demonstrate they will continue to function in the noisy environments often found in acute care situations.

UL 2560 "Emergency Call Systems for Assisted Living and Independent Living Facilities" - Introduced in 2011, the UL 2560 standard was driven by industry to address the special environmental challenges outside of a hospital, but within close proximity to healthcare providers.